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Garber, Daniel and Ayers, Michael (eds.). Cambridge history of seventeenth-century philosophy. (two volumes in slipcase). New York, Cambridge University Press, 1998.
€ 75.00
2 vols. bound, cloth with original dustjackets (protected with removable cellophane), in original slipcase, xvii-1616pp., 16x23.cm., in very good condition. (Slipcase with slight traces of use. Remaindermarks on upperedges.). ISBN: 9780521588645.
Itemnummer 4056
The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy offers a uniquely comprehensive and authoritative overview of early-modern philosophy written by an international team of specialists. As with previous Cambridge histories of philosophy the subject is treated by topic and theme, and since history does not come packaged in neat bundles, the subject is also treated with great temporal flexibility, incorporating frequent reference to medieval and Renaissance ideas. The basic structure of the volumes corresponds to the way an educated seventeenth-century European might have organised the domain of philosophy. Thus, the history of science, religious doctrine, and politics feature very prominently. The narrative that unfolds begins with an intellectual world dominated by a synthesis of Aristotelianism and scholastic philosophy, but by the end of the period the mechanistic or 'corpuscularian' philosophy has emerged and exerted its full impact on traditional metaphysics, ethics, theology, logic, and epistemology.

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