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Gerard Unger. While you're reading. New York, Mark Batty, 2007.
Bound, cloth with original dustjacket, 223pp., 17.5x24.5cm., ills. in b/w., in very good condition (dustjacket with very slight traces of use). Rare!!. ISBN: 9780976224518.
Itemnummer 3432
This book is about everything that happens while you are reading - in front of your eyes and inside your head and about what type designers, typographers and graphic designers bring to a page to make it happen. Renowned type designer Gerard Unger distills decades of design experience into a playful, accessible text that reflects the range of his professional projects, from designing the fonts read daily by millions inUSA Today to being responsible for the look of the highway and metro signs in the Netherlands. For Unger, regardless of the application, designers should always consider two important questions: How is it possible to read without seeing any letters? To what extent do all readers possess hidden typographic knowledge? Keeping these two core ideas in mind, Unger explores such topics as legibility, invisible typography, pattern recognition, the reading process, the ergonomics of letterforms, the universe of signs, negative space and typographic illusions. The most seasoned typographers and designers will find as much value in this fresh, first-ever English translation as beginners and the curious who have always wondered how reading happens.

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