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Clark, Manning, A History of Australia (6 volumes) Melbourne University Press, 1988
6 volume set, complete, all bound with orig. dustjackets, 421-364-491-427-448-522pp., 16.5x245cm., in very good condition (dustjackets with slight traces of use). Beautifull, uniform set of this massive work of reference on Australia's rich and unique history.
Itemnummer 2292
Vol. I: From the Earliest Times to the Age of Macquarie. Vol. II: New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land 1822-1838. Vol. III: The Beginning of an Australian Civilization 1924-1851. Vol. IV. The Earth Abideth 851 to 1888. Vol.V: The People Make Laws, 1885-1915. Vol. VI: The Old Dead Tree and the Young Tree Green 1916 to 1935.

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