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Grootaers, Jan-Lodewijk [ed.] Ubangi: art and cultures from the african heartland. [As new: sealed] Mercatorfonds, [2007].
€ 149.50
Bound, cloth with original dustjacket, 328pp., 25.5x30.5cm., richly illustr. in col., in very good condition. As new: sealed!. ISBN: 9789061537403.
Itemnummer 13804
The Ubangi is a truly transitional region, situated between the dense forest in the South and the wooded savannah to the North, between Bantu speakers and speakers of Ubangian languages, and also between politically decentralized societies to the West and the former kingdoms in the East. Underneath these differences, however, one finds several common social institutions, including puberty initiation, closed associations, and healing and fertility cults. Many objects were used in the context of these institutions. The aesthetically appealing art production of the region is characterized by an outspoken abstract style and formal affinities between the sculpture of neighbouring people, resulting in distinguishable family traits. The emphasis of this book lies on wooden sculpture. Musical instruments, amulets and household objects show formal similarities with the figures. Masks and initiation paraphernalia, as well as colonial photographs illustrate the degree to which certain ceremonies were shared. Ubangi: Art and Cultures from the African Heartland constitutes an important reference work on one of Africas last cultural terrae incognitae.

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